A Chinese Ghost Story


Basic Information

Duration:45min x 60eps

Genre:Romance x Costume

Director:Chung Shu Kai

Casts:Zheng Shuang, Hou Minghao


In the late Tang and early Song Dynasties, the scholar Ning Caichen had no way to study. He studied in the Lanruo Temple and fell in love with the little witch Nie Xiaoqian. Ning Caichen saved the devil’s confused classmates. Devil world, was discovered by the shackles, Xiaoqian sacrificed herself for saving Ning Caichen. After Ning Caichen escaped from the Devil World, he suffered a lot of pain and it led to the loss of memory. After the coincidence of the cause, he met the female teacher who was exactly the same as Xiaoqian. The two wiped out the sparks and went through hardships. It tells the story of the cat spirit Nie Xiaoqian and the spirit-hunter Ning Caichen experienced tempering and trials, and realized the greatness of love, friendship, affection, teacher and student sentiment, and a reflection of the powerful power of love.


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